Heros are a special type of troop. A hero requires a Hero Pad .There are currently 3 heros: Hannibal , Fate, and Aceso. Each has it's own ability(s). Unlike regular troops, Heros have special abilities and once deployed, instead of expending once the battle ends, they will reappear on your hero pads and regenerate (depending on the damage it took). They will also defend your base against enemy attacks. NOTE: A hero is temporarily disabled when regenerating, or upgrading. Upgrading a hero costs energy and each upgrade increases it's health or damage. Modules will also give buffs. To unlock another hero, 20 hero cards are required. Collect the cards through events or purchase them from the shop. Collecting 50 more cards for the hero will rank it up which allows another module slot and increases it's health, damage, and maximum of levels. To rank up again, get 100 hero cards.                                                                             NOTE: The damage and health on the chart is at base lvl

Hero Damage Health
Hannibal 100 1800
Fate 140 900
Aceso 80 1200