Build a new base on another planet in 48 hours to earn rewards. Earn points to get rewards by completing Missions. If you complete all rewards, you get an Artifact. Start with 10 drones and accelerated build speed. Operation events originally occurred monthly but currently occur every weekend.

Reward Levels Edit

Needed points increase about 20 each level. It takes 3,830 points to finish the entire Operation. Unused points carry over to the next Operation.

Level Points per Level Points to get Artifact Reward Mission Milestones
0 0 3,910
1 15 3,895 Instant training x5
2 35 3,860 Rare tower module
3 40 3,820 Hero card x5 hq2, storage3
4 60 3,760 Antimatter x50
5 80 3,680 Crystals x100 bunker3, rocket3
6 100 3,580 Medals x1,000 hq3
7 120 3,460 Rare tech module hq4, storage6
8 140 3,320 Rare hero module acade6,mach3,aa1
9 160 3,160 Crystals x200 50wall3
10 180 2,980 Antimatter x200 hq5, storage9, mach3
11 200 2,780 Hero card x10 bunk6, rock6, pgun3, aa3
12 220 2,560 Rare troop module tesla1, hq6, storage10
13 240 2,320 Medals x5,000 mach5, heavy1
14 270 2,050 Antimatter x500 hq7, tesla3,
15 290 1,760 Legendary tech module mine/gen11, storage11
16 310 1,450 Medals x10,000 125wall6, ptrap1
17 330 1,120 Legendary troop module hq8, heavy3, tesla5
18 350 770 Hero card x30 academy10, mach7, pgun6,ptrap3
19 370 400 Legendary hero module bunk10, rock10, aa6
20 400 0 Artifact cc4, ptrap5

Tips Edit

  • Reward Level 16 is reachable without crystals. If you decide to use crystals, buy HQ upgrades.
  • After every HQ upgrade, upgrade the titanium+energy storage next, since that's your 2nd bottleneck.
  • Get resources by raiding with Grenadiers or Raiders. The Steal powerups are worth buying with crystal. (Grenadiers are being nerfed again so this may change.)
  • The only troops worth upgrading more than once are the Grenadiers and Raiders.
  • Whenever you max titanium while awaiting the next upgrade, buy Module packs with titanium. Getting a Grenadier or Raider shielding Module simplifies resource raiding. Without modules on these troops you will not be very successful.
  • Base defense appears useless. You win defense if you happen to be playing at the time, otherwise you lose. The amount won/lost is not much (about one raid's worth.)
  • By Reward Level 15, you should have HQ7, generator11, storage11, academy6, machine5, cc3, vehicle1, bunker6, rocket6, antiair3, plasmagun3, tesla3, plasmatrap1, 50wall3. To reach level 16, you'd be hard pressed to raid a lot of titanium: HQ8 (9 million), plasmaturret3 (4 million+), or 125x wall6 (22 million). Beyond that is impossible without crystals since upgrades take 10 hours (cc4, academy10, machine7, heavy3, plasmagun6, tesla5)
  • The higher Reward Levels are designed to require just 10-20 points to reach the next level after completing the easier Missions. This is to entice you to buy crystals with real money.
  • If you have gotten to the reward level you want, keep playing and upgrading troops and defenses, even if there is no objective instructing you to do so. It seems as if you can keep earning objective points for things that are not on the task list. Be aware though, if you obtain the artifact, you can not carrying over any additional points for the next event.

Build Order Edit

  1. update hq
  2. build Starship 2
  3. build storage
  4. build mine

Here's what you need in the end:

HQ lvl. 8 Gen & Mine lvl .11 Storage E/T lvl. 11 Academy lvl. 10 M. Factory lvl. 7 H.V. Factory lvl. 3 CC lvl. 4 Bunker & R. Launcher lvl. 10 Plasma & AA lvl. 6 Tesla & Plasma lvl. 5

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